8 Port Manged PoE Switch 
250 Watt power supply
Powers airFIBER / Mimosa / SAF 

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The Netonix® WISP Switch™ model WS-8-250-AC is designed specifically for the WISP industry delivering Gigabit Ethernet performance in a compact rugged chassis with an extended operating temperature range. It features a simple yet powerful user interface providing the software features WISPs need in a switch.

The WISP Switch line is capable of powering 24V,48V, and 48VH POE devices with software selectable output voltage control. It is the ideal PoE solution for use at WISP tower deployments.


8 Software Configurable POE Ports

  24V PoE Ports   
Pins 4,5 (+)
Pins 7,8 (-)

  48V PoE Ports  
Pins 4,5 (+)
Pins 7,8 (-)

  48VH PoE Ports  
Pins 1,2,4,5 (+)
Pins 3,6,7,8 (-)

Ports 01-08Ports 01-08Ports 01-02
  • Manufactured and Assembled in North America
  • Compact chassis design
  • Dimensions 223 mm x 181 mm x 44 mm
  • Operating temperature -25 to 55°C 
  • Serial console port
  • Passive PoE current sensors on each port